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Morgan Hutchings

Morgan Hutchings, a Kolbe Certified Consultant and Strategic Communication Coach, is the catalyst behind building great teams for a growing list of private practices and companies. His specialties include strategic analysis, establishing and reinforcing core values, opening communication, and instilling discipline so your team can thrive while fulfilling your entrepreneurial vision. 

Morgan was born to communicate with others and his role as a consultant and coach allows him the opportunity to challenge the status quo, seek continuous improvement within your organization, and improve the lives of entrepreneurs around the world.

Wise beyond his years and instinctually described as a ‘strategist’ by Kathy Kolbe, the world’s leading authority on human instincts, Morgan continues to defy convention, challenge his coaching clients and motivate entrepreneurs to build autonomous teams to more quickly realize their vision. His experience includes:

- Kolbe Certified Consultant
- Strategic Communication Coach to practices spanning the entire United States; from Hawaii to Alaska, and California to Massachusetts.
- Former Director of Operations for an Inc. 500/5000 Organization
- Led America’s Highest Rated Hearing Health Care Team
- Leading Change Initiatives Based on the Disney Institute and Ritz Carlton Methods
- Innovative Teaching, Coaching and Leadership for Multiple Health Care Professions
Usually this book costs $19.97 but we're giving you the book for FREE (We just ask you cover shipping cost)! We've noticed a disturbing trend lately with the amount of companies experiencing burnout within their organization. That's why we're making this information more accessible to business owners, helping their teams to THRIVE.

This book is for any leaders who:

  • Are exhausted, frustrated, and burnt out with your team.
  • ​Waste energy micro-managing to get results.
  • ​Are hiring the wrong people or putting the in the wrong seat.
  • Struggle with communication and vision setting.
  • Have teams who are unwilling or unable to keep pace with you.
  • ​Struggle igniting their team to high-octane performance.
How will this help you? Here's the 'short' answer
Why They Thrive will help you work smarter, not harder, to understand yourself and your team's natural instincts; hire the right person for the right position; build and deploy a million dollar communication structure; avoid burnout and turnover on your team; and understand when to 'free the future' of someone on your team.

Your Biggest Hurdle:

Why Does it Matter?

It Hurts Your Team!

Your business is working, but maybe your people aren't! It might be that someone just needs to move somewhere else in the organization, or they might not be the right fit altogether! Why They Thrive helps fix that.
On Average the cost of hiring the wrong person is AT LEAST 30% of the employees first year earnings. Meaning, if you are hiring a mid-level employee at $60,000 your REAL cost is $78,000!!!
Not only does hiring the wrong person cost you money but it can seriously hurt the moral of your current employees. Causing frustration, tension, and burnout with your other employees. 

Hiring should be based off of personality and experience. Right? 

This is actually FALSE! Personality and experience may be indicators that a person MAY be a good fit for the job, but those factors don't account for  their instincts. Instincts play a huge role in how someone may approach a task, communicate with coworkers, handle stress, and much more!
  • Get Traction - That’s what you'll finally start to see when you read Why They Thrive and understand the power of the instincts people have working for you. 
  • ​No Guesswork - When you realize that hiring the right people doesn’t have to be an experiment, you have more time to focus on other important parts of your business!
  • Train Better - You'll understand who you are hiring and WHY that makes it that much easier to train the person using their preferred method of communication. 
  • ​Increase Production - An increase in job satisfaction can lead to a 12% increase in production. This hiring method can LITERALLY make you more money! 
  • ​Build Your Ideal Culture - The most successful companies have a culture that runs deep. Hiring the right people allows them to THRIVE within the culture you've built!
  • ​And So Much More...
Don't Wait
Because burnout won't
It’s never too late to understand your current team and communicate effectively. Employee turnover and cost of doing business is rising, don’t waste a second!
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